​BIOANALYZE 2k17-A glimpse from exhibition!

Hello friends. So this week is probably “BIOANALYZE” week. This fest was succes because of various events, games and the exhibition.

Exhibition was held for the first time in BIOANALYZE. The contributors for this exhibition were the PG students. Each class did something innovative with academics.

Students of MSc-1 (regular) made models and charts for Good laboratory practices & laboratory safety.
It was probably an innovative idea of explaining GLP in an easier way. History of glp was depicted with 3D chart. Also a small weighing balance was made using mountboard

Lab safety was explained by making models of different labs  (chemistry lab, microbiology lab,& instrumentation lab) showing different safety measure carried in the lab. This labs were 3D models and all were made out of waste cardboard.

A wardrobe for storing labcoats, safety google,etc.. was also made.

All this models were made ecofriendly with no use of thermocol sheets.

It was an innovatively learning experience for everyone (including the cute panda and minion)

Draft by- Prajakta


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