BIOANALYZE- Coming soon!

​In the monotonous life cycle of a student, which mainly includes eating, sleeping, lectures..etc..

‘College Fests’ shows certain degree of fluctuations in the excitement levels of students. Why wouldn’t it? As the festive season slowly marches closer and closer with time, every student can taste the sweet scent of hard work; hard work of not only the students organizing it but the ones with incessant practices to win that victory title.

Though, the only reasons why we should love fests are not because it acts as a catalyst to spark things up in one’s monotonous college schedule, but because of the additional perks. Yes! These exciting fests do a lot more to a student’s life than we know.

Fest is something where there is an implicit understanding between departments and people,where we forget boundaries and we know we are all working towards making it a success. Competition is round every nook and corner name any domain.To keep up to this scurry change we need to regularly equip ourselves in our areas of interest and domains of development.

We are thrilled to announce that The department of bioanalytical sciences has organized BIOANALYZE  for the students as well as parents.

Apart from fun it is a platform that offers the students to exhibit their talents,the fest is also an acid test of some students managerial skills as well as flexibility in decision making. 

BIOANALYZE is all about exploring the subject with many fun elements. It includes participation of students as well as parents. The fest includes exhibition various games and fun activity.

So it is learning with fun with mutual participation of parent’s.

Come on guys it’s time to test our brain with fun element in it.

Participation is open for all.
“Forget studies for one day and enjoy bioanalyze to it’s fullest”

Draft by- Reema Almeida


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