A visit to Central Dogma Pvt.Ltd.

Department of bioanalytical sciences, Ramnarain Ruia college has arranged many molecular biology workshops in collaboration with Central dogma Pvt.Ltd,Pune.

On Monday,9th January 2017, Msc part-2 regular batch students got an opportunity to visit central dogma laboratory at Pune. This visit was a big privilege for the students as they learned theory and performed practicals on Polymerase chain reaction  under guidance of none other that Dr. Anjali Apte-Deshpande, Director of  Central dogma,Pvt.Ltd who is a molecular biology expert. Some of the students have shared their experience with us.

“we visited Central dogma to learn about PCR where we attended lecture and actually got to perform a PCR. It was a great learning experience. laboratory is very well constructed making full use of available space. They have various instruments which are maintained properly and have SOP near every instrument. They have maintained friendly working environment because of which it was much easier to gain knowledge and have an interaction with Anjali ma’am.”

– Dhanashree Vartak ( Msc part 2 )

“it was an immense pleasure to visit central dogma Pune. there we had a lecture on PCR and DNA fingerprinting and its applications. We learned about different types of PCR and performed standard, multiplex and colony PCR on a gradient PCR which is an advanced version of simple PCR. The working environment was very friendly and staff was very helpful.”

– Vidhita Tulaskar ( Msc part-2)

“It was a great learning experience. We got to observe an upgraded PCR instrument and its practical applications. Lab was well equipped with all required molecular biology instruments.”

– Rasika Mokashi( Msc part 2)

” It was a great learning experience. we got an opportunity to observe and get a hands on advanced PCR techniques.We came to know how stringently the Good Laboratory Practices were followed. The working environment was very friendly and people were very cooperative. Looking forward to visit again.”

– Radhika Athalye ( Msc part 2)

From these comments it is quite clear that the visit was very informative. So if you are a molecular biology lover, do visit this lab guys!  Central dogma arranges really good workshops and training for students.Do attend them.They will definitely deepen your knowledge about molecular biology!!


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