Workshops on analytical techniques in genomics and proteomics and SNP of human genome by RFLP

Being  science students, our lives revolve around test tubes, micro pipettes,different instruments, and basic theoretical concepts e.g polarity, normality, molarity etc and involves deep understanding of subjects like genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, analytical chemistry, botany and many more. A good student is the one who establishes correct balance between this theoretical knowledge and it’s practical application.This can be achieve by getting hands on training. Departments of bioanalytical sciences Ramnarain Ruia college and Central dogma Pvt.Ltd. made a collaborated effort to make this possible by arranging two workshops on ‘Analytical techniques in genomics and proteomics’ and second one on ‘Analysis of SNP in Human gene by RFLP’. this workshop provided students the hands on experience which is very necessary when it comes to molecular biology.


Many of the students seized this opportunity and had a great experience. some of them  shared their experiences with us.

“It lits me up whenever i think about the workshop. we have learnt a a lot in just those three days.Till that day things which we were relevant to was only through theoretically based studies but now we have seen and done them practically which includes gel electrophoresis, polymerase chain reaction etc.I am sure everyone who have attended the workshop are waiting for the next one to come..”

– Priyanka.R.Sarmalkar (F.Y.Bsc)

” It was an informative workshop. It has given us deeper understanding of topic and hands on training. It was a great opportunity for those who  have handled such techniques.”

– Dhanashree Varak ( part-2)

“it was a great experience. We got good hands on training on the molecular biology techniques which had varied applications.From this workshop we also learned how to troubleshoot problems that one faces during such experiments.we also got an opportunity with such a knowledgeable person like .Dr. Anjali Apte-Deshpande,Director, Central dogma Pvt Ltd.”

– Vidhita Tulaskar ( part-2)

“it was an enriching experience. we learned advanced techniques like polymerase chain reaction. We got hands on training which is very necessary in case of molecular biology.. we also came to know the problems that we may come across and different ways to troubleshoot them.It was an honor to meet a knowledgeable yet such a down to earth person like Dr. Anjali Apte-Deshpande,Director, Central dogma Pvt,Ltd”

– Radhika Athalye ( part-2)

img-20170106-wa0004              img-20170106-wa0007

Both the workshops were a great success.Students thoroughly  enjoyed the workshops and learned a lot.Stay tuned for next workshops and do participate in the next one too.




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