No  matter what age group we belong to, we all love watching sci-fi movies. The many mindbending sci-fi movies like “THE  ONE” ,”INTERSTELLAR ” etc  made us fantasize about parallel universe. Though it brought many questions to our minds. For instance-

  • Is there similar planet like Earth?
  • Is there another me ?
  • Is the other me also thinking about parallel universe like me right now?

So in this talk back Thursday I will try my best to quench this thirst of curiosity.

  • What is parallel universe/ alternate reality

It is a hypothetical concept of existing with one’s own distinct self. In layman language it means existence of more than one  similar  universe with some variation. For instance on our planet the dinosaurs have got extinct but its possible that somewhere in space there is a similar planet like earth where dinosaurs might be surviving but humans have become extinct.

  • Theories that support parallel universe existence.

       1. Patchwork of infinite universe.

Scientists believe that space-time is flat. It stretches infinitely. At some point the space would have to repeat itself because there are large but finite ways in which particles can arrange themselves. Thus, leading to the creation of a similar universe.

      2. Quantum mechanism

According to the theory every time a quantum event happens, universe splits into a parallel version of itself, and each one goes on splitting and evolving. Thus , creation of two universe takes place.

       3. The bubble universe.

  The big bang theory states that billions of year ago our universe was expanding and ultimately  bursted to form the planets. Its possible that at the same time some other universe bursted and formed the earth like planet. We must also consider that in space there are still other universe which are still inflating. So if our universe is a bubble , it is sitting on a bubble network. But the physics of every universes will differ because the bubble are not connected to each other. 

  • Argument against parallel universe.

     1.The age of earth is 14 billion year, a finite amount. This would limit the possibilities for particles to rearrange themselves. Making it less likely for an alternate universe to exist.

    2. As suggested by the bubble theory, many universe stopped inflating like us and many are still inflating. There is a high possibilities that the rate of inflation and time of all universe may vary. This decreases the possibilities of a similar universe. Unless inflation has been occurring for a truly infinite amount of time , parallel universe may exist. 

   This might be heartbreaking for some of us who wants to visit their twins but right now at this moment parallel universe is just a theory on papers. There is no solid evidence supporting its existence.

       This theory motivates us to look up and find our place in the stars and not worry about our place on earth. It urges us to broaden our thinking. But at the same time we must also not forget that there are no other realities for now. So we should celebrate our uniqueness and make choices that work for us and live life with no regret. Even if you fail you can always fantasize about your other self taking correct decision and make yourself feel better. Haha Just kidding.

If any point that needs to be discuss is missing please do let me know.We will be back next Thursday with more interesting topic.

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Drafted by- Sneha Gaikar


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