Today’s post is just a friendly reminder of the workshops on analytical techniques that are going to be conducted in this December!! There is a huge difference in the theoretical knowledge that we gain in an academic course and its practical application at industrial level. because at industries advanced kits and tools are used for analysis. Therefore considering this need, Ramnarain Ruia college has organised two workshop so that students can get hands on training  on these advanced kits and analytical tools.Details of the workshops are as follows:

A)Analysis of SNP in human gene by RFLP:


Ramnarain Ruia College and central dogma Pune,have jointly organized a 2 days workshop on analysis of SNP in human gene by RFLP. The details of the workshop are as follows:

Dates: 29th and 30th December 2016

Eligibility: Academicians,Post Graduate and Research students with biology background.

Batch size: 35 participants

Venue: Department of Bioanalytical Sciences Laboratory, Ramnarain Ruia College, L.N Road Matunga, Mumbai-19

Highlights of the workshop

  • Hands on technique covered
  • Genomics DNA extraction from participants cells
  • AGE
  • Amplification from extracted genome by PCR
  • Primer design for PCR
  • RFLP

Hurry up guys and confirm your seats today!!, No: 09421422362

B) Workshop on Analytical Techniques in Genomics and proteomics: 


This workshop is also to be conducted by Department of Bioanalytical Sciences Ruia college and Central dogma Pvt.Ltd.This workshop will provide hands on training for laboratory techniques like PAGE, RFLP, PCR,blue-white screening.The details of the workshop are as follows:

Duration:26th 27th 28th December 2016

Eligibility: Undergraduate students of biology discipline


For more details contact

So hurry up guys and don’t miss this opportunity!!


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