Scientific Fact v/s Myths

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Today we are back with an interesting topic
Scientific Fact v/s Mythsmyth-v-reality

You all must have heard about your grandparents saying, “Don’t do this on this day, or at that time” for example: Don’t cut your nails at night, don’t bring salt in the evening, don’t play with knife around 12 noon etc
We all seem to get bored with all this, Big Deal! What will happen? This is our perception, isn’t it?
Now let’s understand, whether all this stuff is true/false


Well there are a few myths which are facts, and there are a few which are myths
For example, when our grandma says don’t cut your nails in the night, the scientific reason our ancestors must have perceived is because, there was no electricity in the good olden days, so they used to complete their daily chores well before the dusk, so as to avoid  hurting themselves, they told people don’t do this else something bad will happen and the bad is you’ll hurt yourself, when they say don’t get salt in eve that’s because, we didn’t had plastic bags then, so the salt was transported in cloth bags, in the evening, the environment is moist there’s a high chance, we may get partially melted salt instead of a dried crystalline form, to avoid this loss, people started following the practise of not getting salt at night, about the playing with sharp objects like knife, the simple reason is it is the time of high tides, it’s a well known scientifically that Moon does affect sea causing tides obviously it can also affect human beings, during that time if we get a cut, we tend to bleed more, leading to loss of blood
Today’s generation is more scientific, they ask questions unlike our old generations, that’s a good thing, we are understanding stuff before doing. When we ask questions, older generation who was quite hesitant to ask questions, generally, avoid answering by saying that “It is  told by our forefathers, so it’s a thumb rule, you ought to do it” That’s the point where young generation find difference in orthodox opinion, it’s not that they are rude, but more logical. There are many customs, myths followed by people, just because it was told to them. This has brought not so good impact on society
So how to arrive at a median?
We should first understand what is a fact and what is a myth & how do we differentiate?


Simply put some logic and try to look at a thing with different perception instead of just discarding it. The new logic so found may give us an entirely novel idea, it may give us an insight into the very basics of nature, as the elder people have more experience than younger ones, we should make more use of that wisdom. Logic and experience must go hand in hand, which will help us to progress.


So what is your opinion?
Do write to us and give your precious feedback
we are awaiting your response 🙂

-Priti J. Kanade


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