CSI Symposium

​Hello everyone… we are glad to inform you that the bioanalytical sciences staff had the privilege to attend a two-day international symposium on the recent developments in chromatography and mass spectrometry organized by the Chromatographic society of India as they were celebrating their 15th anniversary. The symposium was successfully conducted in Dr. K. Venkataraman Auditorium, Institute of chemical technology, Mumbai.

 Speakers from different fields were invited to talk on the recent developments in chromatography and mass spectrometry.

First day of the event was on Friday- November 18, 2016.

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Inaugural ceremony & Award function: By Chief Guest- Dr. S. Sivaram, Honorary Professor IISER, Pune and Former Director, NCL, Pune.

Dr. Milton Lee, Professor Emeritus, USA Spoke on Super Critical Fluid Chromatography (Emphasis – Use of carbon dioxide as mobile phase).

Dr. Alka Beotra, Director, National doping testing laboratory, Delhi spoke on The critical role of chromatography and mass spectrometry in sports doping control.

Second day was on Saturday- November 19, 2016.

Mr. Dharmesh Smart (DRS) – Director QHSE, Firmenich, India spoke on Application of chromatography and mass spectrometry in analysis of flavours and fragrances. 

Dr. Chaitanya Saxena, Director, Shantani Proteome Analytics, Pune spoke on Characterization of Liquid impurity in low- molecular- weight- Heparin formulations for demonstrating Bio- similarity.

Dr. Ravi krovidi, Lambda, Ahmedabad spoke on Introduction to Orbitrap MS- Instrumentation and application.
Dr. D. V. Prabhu, Valedictory function Moderator & Chief guest- Padmashri Professor (Dr) G.D. Yadav, Vice Chancellor, ICT, Mumbai ended the event with their kind words.

Few Experiences of the Delegates or Faculties from Bioanalytical sciences department:

Some years before when I joined Quality Control Department of a small scale industry, I never ever thought that, I will get the opportunity to interact with honourable people in the vast field of Chromatography….I was just thinking about interpretation of GCMS spectrums of various essential oils samples and I was in a hurry to send results and making COA’s….!!

Today when I attended an International Symposium on modern developements in chromatography and mass spectrometry , I realized that, my life has brought me on this outstanding turn….

          I was in the centre of an hall today, which was fulfilled with great workers  and Padmashri, Padmabhushan Award winners in chromatography and spectroscopy….Indian and foreign scientists….

Thank you god…keep me on this track always.

  – By Vishwajit kale

A great experience and gave a lot of insights for application of Chromatography and spectroscopic techniques in different fields…filled with inspiring talks and motivational briefings.. it was a treat altogether.

-By Ashwini Joshi


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