​Development In Bioanalytical Laboratory

 Hello everyone!!!

Laboratory equipment is generally used to either perform an experiment or to take measurements and gather data.Both laboratory equipments and scientific instruments are increasingly being designed and shared using open hardware principles.

As we all know there is lot of progress happening in the field of science so according to the development new instruments are being introduced in the Ruia bioanalytical sciences laboratory.

These instruments are Trinocular Head Microscope and Rotary Evaporator.

A)Trinocular Head Microscope:

Features:1)This microscope has sharp image display with excellent optical system.

2)It requires small space wih integral stand design.

3)It requires low environment conditions with anti-mold technology.


-It is mainly used in medical testing and biological testing.

-It can also be used for biological analysis for more experts at the same time.

-It is widely used in medical and sanitary establishment,laboratories,institutes etc.

One of the application includes the field of Phase-contrast microscopy.It is particularly important in biology. It reveals many cellular structures that are not visible with a simpler bright-field microscope. The phase-contrast microscope made it possible for biologists to study living cells and how they proliferate through cell division.

B) Rotary Evaporator:


1)It is universal corrosion resistant.

2)It withstands full vacuum.

3)Ideally suited for heat sensitive material.

4) Available in large sizes upto 400 litres.

-It is used in removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. Most often and conveniently applied to separate low boiling solvents from compounds which are solid at room temperature. 

-It is used for preparation of distillates and extracts. Widely used in molecular gastronomy. 

-It is used in vacuum distillation of sensitive substances. Enables gentle evaporation of solvents from most solutions even with relatively Inexperienced users. 

-It helps in liquid mixture separation.

These modernized instruments are going to help us get good and promising results and explore the growing field of science. They are procured under star college grant which is awarded to our Bioanalytical sciences department.


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