Technology: A Boon or a Bane


Hello everyone,

Welcome to talk back Thursday. We are here with a very brainstorming topic. That’s something which you as a person encounter every day, that’s ‘Technology’z7zzlx2jwlr4vzigpi75zratkh6jc3sachvcdoaizecfr3dnitcq_0_0

We live in the 21st century, the one in which man is seeing his accomplishments reaching worldwide at an accelerated speed. This saves a lot of time & has improved speed at which we perform our daily work. With decreased manual efforts, at an affordable rate, there has been an increase in accessibility for everything… You don’t have to wait for a letter to get posted  singing ‘Kabutar Ja Ja Ja’ and then wait for days singing ‘Chithi Aayi hai aayi hai’ you can just “Whatsapp’ anyone instantly across the oceans, without even having to pay high rate for international calls!!!


If anyone wants to urgently transfer a document, pay bills or for that matter has to do some shopping, yet is either busy/lethargic, can do online shopping right from his home. Thanks to online transactions that have made our lives easier, we don’t need to make rounds of any bank / government office thus our time is saved, which we can invest in something important, thus improving our efficiency.

A person from rural area need not worry if he is unable to meet the specialist Doctor sitting in city, healthcare can reach at every nook and corner of the world, thanks to satellite connectivity which is helping save millions of lives. Technology is still getting updated every minute, thus improving the scientific approach, research in ongoing world.


 But as every coin has two sides, this aspect also has got another side, as technology is flourishing connecting people “Virtually”, the relations of people in the real world are getting devastated. People have become pretentious and do not reveal their true nature. They find time to tweet and post their opinion utilizing their freedom of expression, yet they are unable to sit on the dining table with their family and have a talk about what’s going on in their lives!


People are turning to Drugs as a result of depression, aggression, suicidal tendencies… We are developing lot many contacts, and very few “Real” friends. People have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, where they constantly binge eating and have become couch potatoes, thus facing problems of obesity and related diseases. People don’t use their ability to the fullest as they are overpowered by the technology.


Science has improved the yield of food to suffice the needs of population, in terms of quantity, but what about quality? It’s gone for a toss!

Where are we leading to? Technology is a weapon which if handled with care, will protect and help us, if not, it will harm us only.

 Choice is yours


Do opine your thoughts; we would love to hear your views 🙂


Priti J.Kanade



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