Traditional Medicine v/s Modern Medicine


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Everyone must have fallen sick some or the other point of time, at such times we either go to a doctor who gives us a pill that gives us instant relief or take a homemade medicine [“Kadha”] which may take a little time but would prove effective in the long run…Most of us prefer the 1st option over 2nd i.e. taking a Modern allopathic medicine, this is because, Allopathy is standardised as compared to traditional medicines which is in its crude form. Modern medicines has passed through different clinical phases which confirms that yes, it is appropriate for our health, we have an idea about the kind of side effects it may have on a patient wherein medicines would be given by calculating Risk v/s Benefit ratio, thus accelerating a person’s recovery. In this fast moving world, where people prefer fast food over lunch box, who has time to wait & get healing from root cause!


Even though modern medicine is more effective, it just cures superficially the symptoms only, whereas the “Grandma’s pouch” which we have inherited from time’s immemorial treats and heals the root cause. It investigates the cause and studies the cause and effect relationship. It believes every body is different and therefore focuses more on personalized medicine (which modern medicine has started recognizing recently). It correlates the imbalances in a body with the person as well as environment. Thus, trying to strengthen the body’s inherent ability to rejuvenate, heal, and restore its natural balance by correcting the diet and lifestyle and prescribing the appropriate drugs obtained naturally from herbs thus having almost no side effects! They have been tried & tested on generations since times immemorial! In fact many Western people have started recognizing this and are moving to Traditional systems like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, etc. We are following them and started to recognize our own heritage. Government has started taking initiatives to include these systems in syllabus. We have TKDL which recognizes and documents our Traditional Knowledge!


Lot of work is yet to be done, we need apt standardization procedures, so that more people can believe and rely on it. In fact modern medicines are taking “Leads” from traditional medicines! People are doing research on how these medicines can help find medicine for lethal diseases like Dengue,Cancer! Yet when it comes to instant healing, we still rely on modern medicine as they are highly concentrated and thus can act as life saving drugs!


Thus we have to choose the appropriate system of medicines depending on the kind of condition of the patient. What is your opinion? Do let us know, we are awaiting your response

Priti J. Kanade



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Keyur Savla says:

    Great one! Padawan blogger.
    Really appreciate the thought.


  2. Priti J. Kanade says:

    Thanks Keyur 🙂
    Do give your opinion and further inputs regarding the same



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