Workshop on analytical techniques in Genomics and proteomics


Hello one and all! As we have told you guys last friday…a workshop on genomics and proteomics will be conducted at ramnarain ruia college  in collaberation with central dogma.

 Training for the same was conducted for faculty members of ruia college by central dogma on 30/9/16 and 1/10/16. Faculty members from department of biotechnology, microbiology, and bioanalytical sciences  were part of the same.

   This workshop will give you a chance to experience  the practical application of the theoretical knowledge. It will also provide you hands on training for the wet laboratory techniques. 

 Central dogma has designed elaborate teaching kits for techniques like PAGE ,PCR, RFLP, restriction digestion, blue-white  screening etc. These teaching kits will help the students for better understanding of the principle due to its basic and elaborate design.

Dr. Anjali Apte Deshpande will be conducting the workshop.

  So hurry guys!!! Last day for workshop registration is 20th october and registration fee is Rs 5000. 

  If science is your passion..and research is your ambition …then this workshop is a golden opporutunity for you guys..go grab it!!


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