workshop on analytical techniques in genomic and proteomics

As students we tend to give more importance to theoretical knowledge  however what we lack is it’s application. Researches have proved that practical knowledge develops more understanding towards subject and it retains in our mind for longer time.We acquire good theoretical knowledge but we all are not very confident about its practical application due to limited exposure to hands on training.


         So… Department of bioanalytical sciences, Ruia college is here for your rescue!!! We are conducting a workshop in collaboration with ‘Central dogma private limited’ on ‘Analytical techniques in genomics and proteomics’.  The workshop will serve as a platform for learning hands on skills for biotechnology research carried out in both academia and industry. It will help to enhance individual’s wet lab experience and build trouble shooting skills. Details about the workshop are mentioned below.

  • Duration: 23rd, 24th and 25th October 2016.
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate students of biology disciplines.

For more details, interested candidates can contact us at

so guys, grab this opportunity and enroll for the workshop now!!!



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