Peace v/s War

Hello everyone
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We are here with a very interesting topic to discuss
As we all know that 21st September is celebrated as ‘World Peace Day’ which  was first initiated in 1982 as an effort to maintain peace amongst nations.
Ensuring peace meant welfare of everyone in this world. As they say, war never does any good for anyone except destruction! The common man dies, & the rulers rule…

For a successful life peace is essential. Being patient and peaceful ensures one a successful and happy life. In this chaotic world where every other day we see people fighting over petty issues, creating havoc out of nowhere; being peaceful is essential. Peace can be social / psychological. By social, we mean having peaceful relations with others in society and by psychological peace, one needs to have their mind at peace. A peaceful person will create the best out of a worst situation whereas a person with a distributed state of mind, will create a mess out of a peaceful situation. In fact these two are interrelated because a person with peaceful state of mind will enhance his relations in society which in turn will lead to a peaceful Life.


  If all this seems so simple, then why do wars happen? It’s because life’s complicated! Every day we see clash of egos, circumstances where greed exceeds need…… Jealousy deteriorates self confidence…. and above all, anger overpowers Love….. It is these small negative attributions which pile up and finally outburst. The very concept of competition is not clear among people. They don’t understand that rather than competing with others, one should compete with one’s own self. Rather than looking at how victorious the other person is one should see how good they were, are, and how they can improve in future.

This is what leads to internal conflicts which are small wars within us. Unless & until we conquer these wars we are not even capable to fight against any form of Injustice. As goes the saying, “The weak can never forgive, because forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.” In the same manner not everyone can face the hardships involved in the war : before and after.


War is always perceived as negative concept as it in itself shatters everything. It leads to PIECES whereas the dire need of the hour is maintaining “PEACE”

But just celebrating one day as ‘World Peace Day’ doesn’t ensure peace…Having peace in society doesn’t only mean lack of war amongst nations, it means that each and every person on this planet should be satisfied with his basic needs of ‘Roti Kapda Makan’ ,  he should have freedom of thought, expression, equality,…


A bad peace is even worse than a war, as it is injustice to society… Just for the sake of maintaining peace one cannot simply compromise, as the one who bears injustice is equally wrong as the one who is doing it. Now it is the time to raise one’s voice & fight for his rights…True peace is not merely absence of war, but presence of Justice!


In fact, War and Peace are the 2 sides of same coin depending on the situation. Sometimes it may happen that war is the demand of hour where we lose control over a situation. Even though there   are internal forces which have positive attributions, but external forces do matter which are beyond our control and may culminate in a war.

It is unfortunate that we can secure peace only by preparing for war

To be prepared for war is a brilliant way in maintaining peace. Where the purpose of war is to obtain peace, War seems to be justified…


So what should be your role in the society??

I would like to conclude with Shri Krishna’s quote “Swayam Vichar Kijiye”

-Priti J. Kanade


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