There was never a good war, or a bad peace !

On the coming 21st day of September, UN will celebrate the ‘International Day of Peace’, around the world. Hence, this the title of this TGIS post, which is a quote by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the US.

World Peace is one of the foremost agendas of the UN. With so much of negativity around the world in the form of war, terrorism, corruption and general pessimistic and nihilistic approach of people, some front-footed efforts do need to be taken on a large scale.

So, in this article I would try to suggest 3 movies, which revolve around war and peace.

I have chosen films and books which will help viewers understand the nature of conflict, violence, non-violence and love.

So, without further ado, here goes.

#3 All Quiet on the Western Front

IMDb Rating- 8.1/10

“A young soldier faces profound disillusionment in the soul-destroying horror of World War I.”

Blogger’s Input-

This film, which won an Oscar for best picture, stands up well sixty years later. It depicts the experience of ordinary German soldiers in the trenches of World War I, thereby making one of the strongest anti-war statements on film. Ayres was a conscientious objector in World War II, and his performance here reflects his growing commitment to peace.

#2 Gandhi

IMDb Rating- 8.1/10

“Gandhi’s character is fully explained as a man of nonviolence. Through his patience, he is able to drive the British out of the subcontinent. And the stubborn nature of Jinnah and his commitment towards Pakistan is portrayed.”

Blogger’s Input- 

An epic treatment of Gandhi’s life and his nonviolent campaign to liberate India from British rule. Kingsley gives his best performance ever. Among other things, the film is full of lessons on nonviolent philosophy, tactics, and strategy, but it is really about one of the most extraordinary men of the 20th Century.

#1 Paths of Glory

IMDb Rating- 8.5/10

After refusing to attack an enemy position, a general accuses the soldiers of cowardice and their commanding officer must defend them.”

Blogger’s Inputs-

Kubrick has directed a number of important films about war, including Dr. Strangelove and Full Metal Jacket. None is more powerful than this one, which centers around the World War I court-martial of two ordinary soldiers who broke down when ordered into yet another suicidal attack. Douglas, as the defense attorney, is mesmerizing, and you will not find a better indictment of “chateau generalship” on film.

So fellas, these were my picks for movies you gotta watch if you want to get an idea an war and the physical as well as psychological effects it has on people. Till then, adios !



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