Ganpati Bappa Moraya..pudhchya warshi lavkar yaa!!

Even though its Friday…every Mumbaikar will be a little sad today after bidding adieu to their dear Bappa.. lord Ganesha!! Yesterday was the immersion day where everybody said goodbye to Bappa with tearful eyes and heavy heart with a hope that he will come again next year to bless us all!!


         In yesterday’s article we started a topic of all the pollution, security and traffic related issues which often gets overlooked in between this festive mood and emotional 10 days. So we’ll discuss a little bit about it today.

What to do what not to do that is the question…all we have to do is focus on small small things !! here is simple list things which we can try to follow ..

  • at the time of visarjan people throw plastic bags, thermacols, nirmalya(used flowers) in the sea which should be prohibited. we should use trash bins. by doing this we will at least help to reduce the pollution
  • other things which we can do avoiding extravagant decoration using thermacols or plaster of Paris which causes a lot of pollution.
  • use of loud firecrackers should be avoided .
  • being a mumbaikar dancing is in our blood. we dance our hearts out to express our happiness specially during festivals. so we cannot completely avoid dancing and djs but all we hear during Ganesha festival these days is filthy and loud music which has no connection to the festival or traditions.we should uplift the traditional approach like Dhols and Tasha.
  • one more major issue is safety. police should be respected and their orders should be followed.
  • people should be aware of travel and safety routes for that day to reduce traffic issues.
  • use of gulaal should be avoided which causes skin and eye problems
  • alcohol consumption, loud music after 10 pm should be prohibited.

if we want the change we should start it from our house. Ganesha festival will be much more happier and safer is we keep these little things in mind. lord Ganesha blesses us with so much of joy and happiness without asking for it, we can never repay it.. but we can at least express our gratitude by doing these few good things and avoiding bad things!!

So lets make Bappa’s arrival happier,safer and pollution free..!! Ganpati bappa Moraya..Pudhchya warshi lavkar yaa!!


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