‘Ganpati Bappa Moraya, Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa’

Goodbyes are not forever,

Goodbyes are not the end,

They simply mean I will miss u

Until we meet again!!

Finally, today being Ganpati Visarjan (immersion), the last day of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival,  People in Mumbai start to bid a tearful adieu to Lord Ganesha, their favorite god who is considered to end all obstacles of life, at the end of his 10-day sojourn this year.

It’s time to bid adieu to the elephant God today. While it is going to be a bittersweet affair saying goodbye to Lord Ganesha, there is comfort in the fact that the festival will be back next year.

At the time of the last day of this grand festival we perform Ganesh Visarjan to bid a temporary farewell to our dear God, and hope that He returns next year to bless us once again. The Visarjan is also performed with a large enthusiasm by the devotees as they get indulged in dancing and singing while escorting the idol of Shree Ganesh to a river in which they finally immerse the idol in it.

Thousands of Mumbaikars will come out on roads for colourful, musical revelry, dancing and singing songs in praise of Lord Ganesha, offering prayers to over 120,000 big and small idols as they slowly wound their way towards various immersion sites in the city.He is given a grand farewell… amid sounds of music, drums and prayers, begins His final journey to the sea…Most are shouting: Ganpati Bappa Morya, Purchya Varshi Laukariya (O Father Ganesha, come again early next year) The atmosphere is electric.

Slowly, the idol dissolves out reminding us of the perishable nature of things in life. In a way, the festival inspires us to not get attached to material things in life. It also reiterates the fact that though the form dissolves, blessings remain. Though the mood is sober but the energy is uplifting. It also seems to seep inside and warms the hearts from within. When the beloved Lord Ganesha bids adieu after adorning our homes with his graceful presence, we tend to feel a void.


But with all these celebrations, dont you think we need to be a lit more focused on the safety part. As it is rightly said,”Prevention is better than cure”. Necessary precautions should be taken during Ganesh Visarjan as there can be heavy traffic, stampede, drowning and many such problems.A report on “The Times of India” dated 11/09/2016 had an article titled “favorite Deity, deafening Farewell”.A very described article relating to the high levels of noise pollution in the city due to loudspeakers, drums and DJs being part of the procession stated that the voice levels were double the permissible limits.


Due to greater traffic on roads, It would be prudent to avoid crowded areas which can take up a chunk of our precious time. Be aware of the travel and safety routes to reduce traffic issues.


In our previous posts, we have shown a number of eco-friendly posts and we hope people will participate the same way (or maybe even better) for protecting the environment while maintaining the spirit of this festival. Remember that safe celebration means unlimited happiness and blessings form Lord Ganesh. But what do you feel is actually a safe celebration? Do you think  restrictions on the loudspeakers and huge Ganpati idols could be a barrier for your celebration or rather would boost up the spirit of the festival?


So friends, devotees and everyone else, enjoy this festival to the maximum! May the blessings of Lord Ganesha be with you! Hope you enjoyed this post. Send your reviews to us. So next week we would be back on talk back Thursday with some more exciting topics to discuss on.

Draft by

Ginu Abraham


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  1. Priti J. Kanade says:

    Yes that’s true
    We should bid adieu
    In an eco friendly manner 🙂


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