Bonjour Amigos!!!

A college is a place where friendship and knowledge resides… where memories are created… new friends are always welcomed…and happiness never ends!!

In today’s article we welcome all the students of f.y.bsc and MSc part I regulars who have just joined the department of bioanalytical sciences Ruia college. You guys are a part of family now!!!

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            As per every year’s tradition…all the new students had an orientation session where they were told about course of bioanalytical sciences, what it contains and how it is an interdisciplinary, industry aligned course.

Our department is very fortunate with respect to the guest faculty which comes from different industries to make students aware of what is out there and how to implement the theoretical knowledge in a practical way.

One such name is Dr. Ajit Datar, Advisor C.S.C at Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt.Ltd. It is an honor to have such an experienced person as a guide in academic life.  Datar sir engaged an orientation lecture in which he briefed students about what is bioanalytical science and what is a role of a bioanalyst. He also talked about how this course is industry oriented and what are the different avenues for students who hold a degree in the same.

So guys welcome to our big happy family of bioanalytical science…you may have come as strangers..but you will leave as friends. All of you will cherish the time you have spent in this department, in glorious college like Ramnarain Ruia. All the best for your further journey!

One friendly reminder for all the freshers and other students as well.. we are still recruiting for our bioanalytical blogshaala team. so if anyone is interested you can contact us. Details are mentioned in the link below with a small change that you can still apply but be  a little quick so you don’t miss the opportunity!!




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