Guess what’s brewing?

Ever wondered why after international father’s day and international mother’s day, friendship day is celebrated worldwide? I guess all of us have the answer to that. Whatever our age, wherever we be, a factor that makes us feel loved and wanted are our friends. The concept and depth of this word goes beyond any defined rational sense. The ways in which this bond is made goes beyond the infinity of explanation. Some find a friend in their fellow companions whereas some in their siblings.  Some find a friend in a complete stranger and some in parents. Friends that fall in love with each other and some find it in their soul mate. Friend as a pet or in the most cherished toy. Does friendship really know rationalism? I guess not!

So, here’s to the most amazing and most cherished bond shared by us, friendship! And your amazingly unconventional friendship deserves an equally unconventional tribute.

Bioanalytical blogshaala brings to you the friendship wall where your whimsical friendship will win its worth!


Send in pictures of your friend/s with message for them and we put it up on the wall.

Contact- Swaradaa Joglekar (7738230106)

Ishaan Patil (9619965594)

-Manthan Chauhan


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