The Other Side Of The Table….


Bioanalytical sciences has been an integral part of my life, precisely for half a decade! Being a proud ruiate, right from my junior college, I was always determined to pursue something new and happening in the field of research, and Bioanalytical sciences it was! As a student, life in Bioanalytical sciences department was fun, exciting, inspiring, brainstorming, hectic at times, but it was all worth it. I was blessed with the company of 11 buddies in this journey & loads of memories to cherish. Departmental Industrial visits and Bioanalyze, played a major role in personal development as well as offering exposure to professional world.

Being a student my parents always supported me in my decisions and gave me the courage to manage my studies and the vast syllabus of the course. It was difficult to study so much for a single paper of 60 marks. However I feel it has added to my knowledge like anything. In my last year itself I always kept thinking about what to do next? Life then turned the tables for me, and I joined as a faculty in our department.


It was a huge transformation process at professional as well as at a personal level. My parents always saw a teacher in me, probably from the times when I used to play teacher-teacher in my childhood. However I was not so sure if I could manage being a teacher. When I switched tables, I was offered with many liberties and helping hands along with rules and regulations,of which the earlier lacked somewhere being a student. But, with power comes responsibility and it is huge. As a student when I approached any teacher I expected them to fulfil my queries, and now my students expect the same from me. In this profession I feel satisfied that my knowledge is getting channelized for the development of students in this field. Now I feel that it is still easy to prepare for exams but it is more demanding when you prepare for a single lecture.

For all my students reading this blog, I would like to say that, Life being Life will throw challenges at you. Situations will not always be favourable. Like they say,” A ship is always safe in the harbour but it is not meant for that”, so don’t be afraid to take challenges in life. I believe you surprise yourself with what you can do when under pressure, and achieve beyond your expectations.

See you until next time. Keep smiling at life and life will smile at you.

– Draft by Ashwini Joshi


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  1. Priti JK says:

    Congratulations & All the Best :-)!


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