The Farewell 2k16

Farewell_when careers drifted them apart but the institution kept them together.

And the day was here- FAREWELL, a day to remark that they started as strangers, ended to be best of allies. The delicate emotions of affection, nostalgia, every one of these feelings was clearly in the air. They came in to achieve knowledge and went making memories, filling their heads with wisdom, pockets with friendship and hearts with emotions. They spent their formative years in the close watch and warm care of the teachers. Neither came to know how the time flew by.
A farewell to them not only stirred their blood with nostalgic emotions but also had an equally emotional moment for their next-to-parents teachers.
So, on the 16th July, 2016 our department organized a farewell as a token of affection. This event was organized by the keen and most attached to “the seniors”, the MSc Part1 students. The whole class, under the guidance of the teachers took efforts to arrange and make this farewell a memorable day. And they did! The First Second and Third Year students presented their bit in the form of performances.
Dance performances by the First year students totally kick started the eve, followed by yet another performance which took the breaths away. First Year students made picturesque clips summing up all the photographs of the years the Graduates spent with the department of Bioanalytical sciences. First year students managed to ring up the crawling feelings with the songs sung.
Now, the second year students lifted the mood by a meticulously comic performance. What a performance! No wonder their performance was demanded by the insisting audience.
The third year students gave a nostalgic performance where they managed to perform on the same song (with the same steps indeed) as the Graduates had performed. It was more than just a performance for the graduates since it brought all their cherished memories back.
After the performances, to everyone’s surprise, the MSc students got momento as a sign of affection, bond and reverence “The Seniors”. All the seniors were called on the stage according to their roll calls; yes their roll calls for them to savour this last moment of being addressed by them.
After the momento was given, with a very stirring speech by Sachin sir, the took teachers left the students to themselves.
This is when the juniors who were emotionally connects made confessions about how they will be really missed. The seniors ensured the juniors their support and help and also thanked them for the efforts.
With a heavy heart they were wished luck and bid them a ‘Fair-well’ instead.

-Manthan Chauhan


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