EUTHANASIA: mercy killing or assisted suicide?


So we are back again with a completely new and debatable topic which most of you might not be much aware of.This week on Talk Back Thursday, we are going to talk on the current social issue- EUTHANASIA.

In Greek, EU means GOOD and THANATOS means DEATH. So in short, euthanasia means good death even referred to as “MERCY KILLING”. Human life is priceless,true, indeed! However, there are situations when a person’s life is scripted using a knife on a rock rather than in a smooth ink on an immaculate piece of paper. A person may be alive but his/her suffering can shake the near and dear ones to the core.

Euthanasia is a medical term meaning ‘easy death’. It is the act of deliberate or voluntary end of someone’s life to prevent any further suffering or pain to the person. The perception of ethicality of euthanasia varies in different countries and cultures. Laws and religious sentiments of people often play a major role in the way it is perceived.


The deliberate act of taking away a person’s life is classified as a murder and thus, a crime. The supporters claim that humans have the right to life as well as death but at the same time the adversaries say it is immoral to take life deliberately.

I feel that life is sacred on its whole and the endurance of suffering confers its own dignity.Euthanasia is a topic which touches various aspects of our society. It requires a focused perspective considering all the pros and cons. The debate over the ethicality of euthanasia is a never- ending one.

Now, whether you opine to be for it or against it is your choice! But do share with us your reviews on this.

Have a burning issue you wish to ‘talk-back’ let us know!!


– Ginu Abraham


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