Webster’s dictionary defines examination as “a test to show a person’s progress, knowledge, or ability. “…but only we students know that it’s not just a test… it’s a battle! A battle where we use weapon of our hard work and dedication! Sacrifice our urge to check cell phone for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram!!

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 Today’s article is dedicated to all such warriors of bioanalytical sciences who have fought the exam battle valiantly and have won it!!

  The Department of Bioanalytical Sciences congratulates the Integrated MSc part I and part II students for clearing their respective exams with flying colours!!

MSc  part II students are our second batch of integrated course of bioanalytical sciences ,Ruia college who will bid their adieu to the department this year and they have given the best goodbye gift ..” 100% result”.  It is important for a class  to have maximum number of toppers; but what is more important is that the entire class should make a progress, help each other and fill up each other’s lacunae and taste the success together! And part two students have proved it! In a batch of 11 students; 6 have got an O grade and 5 have got an A. a huge round of applause for our champions!

Department congratulates all the part I MSc students who have made our department proud with 100% result! Special congratulations to the 5 students who have got an O grade… bravo guys!

Heartiest congratulations guys… you all rock!! Keep up the good work … shine like a star!!!




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  1. Priti J. Kanade says:

    Congratulations :-)!
    Thank you O:-)


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