Could stem cells give us new teeth?

I am not a big fan of the ‘Doctor’s Visit’, especially the Dentist. I don’t know what it is, but the thought of visiting the dentist is as scary as appearing for a surprise test. But fear not my friends, because I believe stem cells have once again come to our rescue!

This week on Talk Back Thursday, we are discussing a revolutionary technology that may end our dental woes after all!

The human body after the shedding of infantile teeth possesses only one other set of teeth which are designed to last a lifetime, and the body is incapable of regrowing this structure, once lost.

In dentistry, fake teeth are often called upon to fill the gap, implanted into the gum during surgical procedures.  However, new research from Harvard University offers a novel technique which may allow humans to regrow the tooth, publishing their report in the scientific journal Science Translational Medicine.

Specialists from various dental medicine and research faculties, as well as engineering and photomedicine experts, all contributed to the findings. With the help of laser technology, scientists were able to regrow differentiated teeth in rats over a three month period using stem cells. And now, human trials await!

Isn’t this astounding news! A new generation of people could be spared of the pain caused by root canals and dental fillings, and what’s more; no more fake teeth! What do you think about this, guys? Let us know in the comments. Let us know what we should discuss next week on Talk Back Thursday.

Link to the original article :

-Shruti Joshi.


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