Short and e-Sweet !

So buddies enjoying college, right?!

“Back to college” fever is on. Everyone is back to study too. Novels and story books are soon getting replaced by notes and study stuff.

July brings in new resolutions for the month. This weekend join team TGIS in our resolution ‘Each one read one, write one’! You just have to read a short story this month and wouldn’t it be fun to try out writing your own?

Most of us hardly read newspapers and novels as regularly as we need to.  So our vocabulary and communication skills are at a loss at the end. I can still recall my school teacher saying, “read five lines a day to improve your vocabulary”. Reading a short story every day was a good option to follow my teacher’s advice. It was from school that I took to reading short stories.

A short story is a piece of writing which is short, simple yet complete!

We live in a world where everyone is short of time and so we need to master the art of succinct expression. Reading a short story can surely help.

The shortest story which has made the world cry is the six-word short story by Ernest Hemingway.

“For sale:

Baby shoes.  Never worn.”

-Ernest Hemingway

Here are some of my favorite collections of short stories:

#1  100 short stories by O.Henry







#2  Best short stories by Guy De Maupassant


#3  Zen Flesh Zen Bones


#4  The short stories by Ernest Hemingway

download (1)


This weekend I am going to try writing a six-word short story. You too can write your six-word short story and post it in the comments section below or you can mail it to us at


Live.Love.Laugh and keep reading! 🙂

-Swaradaa S. Joglekar


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