This week on Talk Back Thursday, I want to discuss an issue that is hitting me on an everyday basis, as I am currently sitting at home enjoying my vacations.

It is a Sunday. Right now, I am on vacation which is why I have decided to sleep in. But I can’t. Why, you ask? Because I live in Mumbai, the city that never sleeps and also, does not let others sleep due to the constant NOISE POLLUTION! I live near a highway which means, when everyone leaves for office, my body too has to wake up thanks to the incessant honking.


April 7 was celebrated as a NO-HONKING DAY thanks to a health initiative taken by the Mumbai Traffic Police. Generally speaking, countries outside India have great civic sense when it comes to honking, yet when it comes to Mumbai and other cities of India; we observe a disregard to the traffic rules that are laid down, especially related to honking.

Traffic Control Department in Mumbai has taken this as their next task to save city from Noise pollution and fine all those found guilty. Unwanted honking is already restricted as per 1989’s Motor vehicle Act under section 134(1) and late this week traffic cops and RTO have been alerted to take strict actions against people creating such menace with their varieties of honk installed on their vehicles like bikes, cars and others vehicles too.

So what can we do to reduce noise pollution levels?

  • Stop honking incessantly at stop signs and traffic jams. It does not benefit anyone; instead makes you look like a fool!
  • In case you didn’t know, writing “HORN OK PLEASE” is actually illegal! You need to remove that from your vehicle (especially on heavy duty vehicles), because horn is actually not OK from now!
  • If you are caught with a non-standard sounding horn in your car or bike or any other commercial/non-commercial vehicle plying on road, you will be fined. Musical and multi-tuned fancy horns are actually illegal as it crosses the noise pollution limits and creates menace. So if you have such, install and replace your horns by installing the standard allowed horns from an authorized vehicle shop which has sound at permissible limits.


You will be fined Rs. 500 if you are found honking unnecessarily on the road in major Indian cities.


Honking isn’t a necessary evil; it is an evil, period. As a millennial driver we must co-operate with the government to help make Mumbai a city free from noise pollution. It is our duty to spread the message and develop a civic sense that would inspire other cities elsewhere. Anyway, these are my thoughts; I would love to know yours! Leave a comment below sharing your experience with incessant honking or a leave a suggestion if you think we missed something! Let us know what you want to discuss on the next Talk Back Thursday.

Concept by: Ginu Abraham.

Draft by: Shruti Joshi.


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