Happy Wishes

This week has been a very happening one for the Department. There are so many wishes to be given out!

We firstly congratulate all our Third Year Students, as we got a 100% result with good FB_IMG_1466175613208grades in their Semester VI Examinations! Special mention of Swaradaa Joglekar for having an ‘Outstanding’ Cumulative Grade (CGPA 7.00/7.00) for all 6 Semesters in her Graduation tenure.

We also bid farewell to two of our batches i.e. Integrated M.Sc – II as well as Regular M.Sc – II (both batches once and always ‘Best Class’ Title holders).

<Yes this is just a verbal farewell, the other one awaits you!>

We hope you miss us and stay in touch always! 🙂

And last but not the least the ‘Blog Team’ welcomes new members. Swaradaa Joglekar, Ginu Abraham, Manthan Chouhan and Omkar Joshi we are so happy to have you in our team! I’m sure them as well as the readers are going to have a blast due to the addition!

Happy Reading!


Draft: Sameeta Golatkar


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