Words Of Remembrance from M.Sc Alumni

A couple of posts ago we brought to you the messages and the memories left by the Integrated course students to you.

This time, we present to you, the experiences and the look-outs of 3 former M.Sc students of Bioanalytical Sciences.


Shobhana Khatavkar (Batch 2013-15)

[Working in Watson Pharmaceuticals as Bioanalytical Officer. 11 months in analysis and currently as QC]

“Experience from Bioanalytical Sciences holds many pleasant memories for me. It was all new studying about the clinical trials, systems, development of new drug products and what not but it was all fun and interesting. Friends had been an integral part of these 2 years journey. Memories I had with them inside and outside the college are those I cherish and would for lifetime. It had been wonderful having professors that care about you and want to see you excel inside and outside the classroom. All in all I found this course to be demanding and unexpected, but I had my fair share of fun and that’s what mattered the most.”

Vaibhav Vinekar (Batch 2009-11)

[Associate- Legal & Compliance, Morgan Stanley]

” I have been a student of the 2009-2011 batch of the M.Sc. Bioanalytical Sciences course in Ruia College. I stumbled upon this course when I was looking for a very practical and industry-oriented course to pursue after my graduation in Biotechnology; and I am glad I did, because the course – designed by the faculty at the Department themselves – turned out to be positively different from the usual pattern most post-graduate courses follow. The lecturers at the department come from different areas of specialization, and as a result, can contribute greatly to the depth and width of the course curriculum. The department also routinely engages lectures by professionals from a range of academic backgrounds – manufacturing & operations to clinical research, ethics to legal – and understandably bring with them their expansive knowledge and experiences in their respective fields. The Department has good business ties with some of the best laboratories and research institutions in the field to help students stay abreast of the very latest developments in various areas of science. Additionally, partly as a result of good industry relations, and partly as a result of the network of Ruia Bioanalytical Sciences alumni already absorbed by the industry, the job prospects of a student graduating from the course in Ruia have always been upward looking. I would strongly recommend this course in Ruia College to any student graduating in chemistry or biological sciences.”

Gauravi Patil (Batch 2013-15)

[Working as a lecturer at N.B. Mehta Science College, Dept. of Microbiology]

“We are all at a certain threshold once we graduate. That’s when we have to take important decisions. When we step into our Masters degree, it broadens our horizon, a broader platform to understand and prove ourselves. Its a place where we create bigger foundation for our lives. Bioanalytical Sciences provides not only a platform to get into Pharma industry, but also to study further, as this subject holds immense scope in future. Doing post graduation in Bioanalytical Sciences from Ruia was a learning experience. One of the unique characteristics of this course was that the course dealt with the theoretical knowledge as well as it also got us acquainted with the day-to-day working of industries by the compulsory allotment of students for industrial training which was a crucial step in improvement of analytical knowledge..

During these two years our teachers were burning candles which consumed themselves to brighten the lights of their students…one of the important lessons of these 2 years is…”Fun and sincerity should always be well-balanced.”

We would like to thank our alumnis for taking time out from their busy schedule to respond to our messages with utmost enthusiasm.

DRAFT BY- Ishaan Patil


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