Testimonials from our Alumni of Bioanalytical Sciences

Yesterday we gave the details of what the Integrated Course is all about. The details of the same can be found here.

We contacted few of our alumnus to share with us what they think of the course, how they feel about their time here, and what would their take home message be.


(  Vini Pednekar, University topper 2014-2015

Working at Janssen Pharmaceuticals)

5 years of bioanalytical sciences in ruia has been an eventful journey of learning’s and fun. The highlight of the course is that it is an amalgamation of all the aspects of science which helps in correlating data from various fields.

Rather than compartmentalization of knowledge, it aims at blurring the lines between various subjects of science.
The 5 year journey is a pleasant experience which is made so by the warm, friendly and helpful staff.
Projects,assignments, internship and presentations help in developing the vocal skills and personality as a whole.


Nagsen Torne (Pursuing Masters in Public Policy Analysis                                                                  from Mumbai University

Blogger at Safecity)

For me, Bioanalytical Science as a course at Ruia, was like something whose true value you do not understand, until it’s gone. The familial atmosphere is something that I miss the most. Amidst strict university professors now, I miss my ever understanding teachers at Bioanalytical.

The learning at Bioanalytical was not just books, but something to mould the student into a professional. Almost every other week, I was scolded for uninformed absenteeism or for being late. The scolding then, to develop a habit of informing and being responsible for my actions has bought me into the good books of my current professors.

Each and everything out of the syllabus, taught at Bioanalytical Sciences is helping me now in some way or the other, be it making a good report and PowerPoint presentation taught to me by my industrial report mentors or my oratory skills polished by them.

The help and attention that I got from the teachers during my three years at Bioanalytical, in spite of me being an irregular student, has developed me for the good and I will always be thankful for it


(Saurabh Mahajan, Former Photographer at Unity Groups India

Studied Film making and production at Whistling Woods                                                                  International-School of Media & Communication)

My experience be like. Its a very different course like chemistry biology all balanced out. The learning experience was very different than what one would get in any other college or department it was not general learning, it was personal learning with personal attention given to each student, by keeping a track of their

academics and extra curricular activities. The way we were taught to do presentations or even speak up in class and were given responsibilities it obviously boosted up my self confidence. The practicals and  lectures were tiring but I was given enough room to develop as person. later in the course, I found my interest in photography and film-making, I was supported and was always motivated by the faculty to pursue what I truly loved. It is just great and surprising when, now I look back to those days and I just realize how I was inspired not only by the teachers but my friends and classmates too. To sum up in one line I would say, I discovered myself through the course, grew up as a person and it was one amazing journey and its memories would stay with me always.


We are grateful because despite their busy schedules they responded within a small time-frame with such kind words.



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  1. Priti says:

    Hey great to you hear from you all! We miss u a lot!!!!!! Tc 🙂


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