Why We Love Sanitation (And You Should, Too!)

This week on Talk Back Thursday, we discuss the sanitation situation in India and why sanitation should be one of the basic needs, along with food, clothing and shelter.

We Indians often have the tendency to shy away from topics that actually matter. Sanitation, for me has always been a sore subject. I see people defecating in the open daily, be it while travelling in trains or while taking a walk. I am almost positive that urinating in the open is kind of a rite of passage for Indian men. However, this has to change, and this video hilariously explains why.

In this video posted by the East India Comedy channel on Youtube, comedian Sahil Shah explains how India ranks the lowest when it comes to sanitation. It features a hilarious yet cringe worthy clip about how people in Mumbai dig up a hole in the sand and defecate in it so that the water will go into the hole and wash away the faeces and thus they won’t have to carry water to perform their morning ritual. He also discusses the success of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan but points out how politicians extort money from the government in the name of building toilets. Also while men can go out in the open during the day, women feel embarrassed. Moreover they cannot venture out in the dark as there is a fear of getting raped.


As much as it is the responsibility of the government to provide clean toilets, people’s attitude also needs a change. In Madhya Pradesh, people broke down toilets to store grains! Building toilets is not enough, we need more educative initiatives or perhaps a well thought out sanitation drive.


In conclusion, I would like to urge my fellow netizens to come together and start giving back to our country. Below are the sites where you can donate a toilet and NGO’s that help educate people about sanitation. As Sahil Shah hilariously says, “Let’s come together and give everyone their Potty, Kapda aur Makaan!”

Anyway, these are my thoughts on the subjects. Let me know yours by commenting below. Also let us know what we should discuss for the next Talk Back Thursday.

Watch the video on YouTube NOW!

Donate a Toilet:




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