12th..Science..Engg/Med. Wait, what?

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This week on throwback Thursday, we look into the trends of careers in India (coming from someone who has already been through the grind).

Over a past decade or so, students’ minds have been narrowed to see their future either in the field of technological sciences or medical sciences. Why has this become a convention when there are various other fields of study? Barring sports, there are only few who dare to enter the world of arts like music and dance etc.. and see them as their primary subjective.

It’s not that people are not gaining success in what they choose, but the question is, is that what you really want? Most of us choose a field or subject with a long term goal of a job that would pay us well for our future. But we often neglect to think where our happiness and passion truly lies.
The reason for such choices can be attributed to the society around and even to the education and employment system in the country.

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A student gaining above 95 percent or so has to get into an IIT or Medical college why not into music, dancing or even in basic life sciences? Aren’t they good career opportunities? Choosing a field has become so basic that the student involuntarily decides upon a subject based on what marks or percentile he/she gets. Thinking out of the box and pursuing self passion is a rare case that we see these days.

Subjects like life sciences, literature, commerce or others are seen as a 2nd option and a back up if not into Engineering or medical sciences. There is a reason that these courses have been introduced and are going successfully.

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A doctor can’t prescribe a medicine if there is no person studying pharmacy and formulating the desired drug. A CA is no profession without basic accounting, the same of which is taught for a Bachelors degree in Commerce. People have to know and realise that there is immense scope and future even in these other fields and that no profession or course is more or less, rather each has its own importance and uniqueness.

Also, we often hear complaints about everyone moving abroad for further studies or better lifestyle. I say, why not? There, in foreign countries, every single job is given equal importance and people are actually free to opt for anything that they like. Here in India, half of the careers are made based on the reservation systems and half on the thought of “log kya kahenge?” I would say, we have completely stopped following our interests, seeking happiness and rather prefer going where the flock leads us.

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This reminds me of a recent meme that was on social media saying, here most of the opportunities are given to the reserved and abroad, they are given to the deserved.
The most important thing to think and remember is that, come what may, what matters the most in the end is your happiness and your choices.
These are my views and opinions do think and share yours.

-Swathi Karamchedu.


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