Anti-Biotic Resistance in India (The negligence of,)

Anti-biotics are manufactured extensively in India, and sold like candy, just ask for one at your local pharmacy, and you will buy a generic brand without any prescription – or any disease whatsoever. People buy anti-biotics for ‘cold, rash, fever, cough’ which is absolutely useless because common cold is a viral disease spread by Rhino-virus. Anti-biotics don’t act against viruses, but the act against bacteria and pathogenic protists.

We are living in a ‘take-a-pill’ culture, got running nose? Take a pill. Got a mild headache? Take a pill. A little cough? Take a pill.

We want to get rid of the smallest and smallest of discomforts we experience by some drug, without any doctor’s advice, recommendation or prescription. And of course, the unregulated Indian pharmaceutical market provides all kinds of drugs which aren’t designed to provide cure, but temporary ‘comfort’ to the consumer. This had lead to an extensive abuse of Antibiotics which are sold practically unregulated (Regulated on paper, but essentially non-enforced) which developing a massive problem of Antibiotic resistant super bugs like the MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and the NDM-1.

In a country where poor healthcare is literally costing thousands of lives every year, neither did the left nor the right wing government has paid any attention to emerging catastrophe of Anti-biotic resistance.

We need to accept a hard truth – Antibiotics are limited resources.

There will come a day when there won’t be a single antibiotic which would cure an infection, and it is already happening. There are some uropathogens which are resistant to 67 different antibiotics. 67. That is an absurd number.

Thousands of children in India die of an infectious disease every year, therefore it must be paramount that Antibiotic resistance should be taken seriously by the government. There are some critical regulations that need to be enforced to ensure our grandchildren don’t run out of medicines to cure themselves.

Farm animals are constantly dosed with high amount of Antibiotics because the conditions they are kept into are highly unhygienic.

It is of utmost importance that we don’t take unnecessary Antibiotics and that the public should be informed about his phenomenon. Antibiotics are a limited resource, like coal and oil, we are eventually going to run out of them sooner rather than later. Read some more articles below to be more informed about the subject.

-Written by Aditya Karmarkar.


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