Montage Monday


People say that silence is golden

But I don’t understand

What interpretation should it be given?

For it contains lots of thoughts…

Lots of emotions…

Silence can be symbol,

Or a huge storm under an ocean

Which can destroy anything in its path?

Ruthlessly, without even a notice…

Silence can be a state of nothingness,

When people are unable to sense anything,

Good or bad, sorrow or pleasure,

Where world seems without rustle.

Silence if out of sorrow, not expressed

Can lead to disturbance in mind

For it hinders the body’s reactions & expressions,

to a situation…

Silence can make relations

But also beholds the power to break the relations

For people interpret it the way they want

Or the way they feel

It beholds the power

To bring a self to peace,

To give it bliss!

But it can also create unrest

Which can depress a soul

A little silence does a lot good

Then words do at times

But as everything has its own


So does the silence…..

Priti J. Kanade


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