Thank God! It’s Saturday.

Hello all. Aren’t movie-buffs and bookworms one of the best people to hangout with?  We all are both, up to some degree and have at least one favorite movie or a book, of our own.

I am a self-confessed one of both kinds too and take pride in that.

In this segment of the blog, I would give out 2 movie and 2 book recommendations each week. This is in hope that you, the reader, would hopefully feel motivated to watch/read one, over the weekend.

So, enjoy the updates and may the force be with you.


Movie Recommendations of the Week

#7 Schindler’s List (1993)


IMDb Rating- 8.9\10

“In Poland during World War II, Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis.”


Steven Spielberg


Thomas Keneally (book), Steven Zaillian (screenplay)


Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley

Blogger’s inputs

“Arguably Spielberg’s most impressive work and one of the greatest anti-war movies of all time, this film compels you to shed tears as it portrays a brutal depiction of the Holocaust. Intelligently shot in black  & white, Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes give stellar performances in this epic film.”


#8 12 Angry Men (1957)


IMDB Rating- 8.9\10

“A jury holdout attempts to prevent a miscarriage of justice by forcing his colleagues to reconsider the evidence.”


Sidney Lumet


Reginald Rose (story), Reginald Rose (screenplay)


Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam

Blogger’s inputs

“Almost 130 minutes of this 136-minute long film take place in a closed jury room with 12 variety of characters of different professions argue over a possible murder culprit. Taking this fact in mention, I must say this is one of the most interesting films I have ever watched. The film excels and is driven by one of the most under-appreciated part of a film- its dialogue.”

Book Recommendations of the Week

#7 Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon #1) by Dan Brown


Goodreads Rating- 3.8\5

When world-renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned to a Swiss research facility to analyze a mysterious symbol—seared into the chest of a murdered physicist—he discovers evidence of the unimaginable: the resurgence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati … the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth. The Illuminati has now surfaced to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy—the Catholic Church.

Langdon’s worst fears are confirmed on the eve of the holy conclave, when a messenger of the Illuminati announces they have hidden an unstoppable time bomb at the very heart of Vatican City. With the countdown under way, Langdon jets to Rome to join forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful and mysterious Italian scientist, to assist the Vatican in a desperate bid for survival.

Embarking on a frantic hunt through sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs, deserted cathedrals, and even the most secretive vault on earth, Langdon and Vetra follow a 400-year-old trail of ancient symbols that snakes across Rome toward the long-forgotten Illuminati lair … a clandestine location that contains the only hope for Vatican salvation.”


#8 The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon #2) by Dan Brown


Goodreads Rating- 3.8\5

“An ingenious code hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci. A desperate race through the cathedrals and castles of Europe. An astonishing truth concealed for centuries . . . unveiled at last.

While in Paris, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is awakened by a phone call in the dead of the night. The elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum, his body covered in baffling symbols. As Langdon and gifted French cryptologist Sophie Neveu sort through the bizarre riddles, they are stunned to discover a trail of clues hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci—clues visible for all to see and yet ingeniously disguised by the painter.

Even more startling, the late curator was involved in the Priory of Sion—a secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci—and he guarded a breathtaking historical secret. Unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the labyrinthine puzzle—while avoiding the faceless adversary who shadows their every move—the explosive, ancient truth will be lost forever.”


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