Workshop on Expression of Recombinant Protein in Bacterial Host


Department of Bioanalytical Sciences, RamnarainRuia College, Mumbai


 Central Dogma Pvt. Ltd. Pune 

Is organizing

“Workshop on Expression of Recombinant Protein in Bacterial Host”


After an overwhelming response in the earlier workshop (details here). We have planned another workshop! It won’t be just demonstration, but actual hands-on experience which helps in building analytical thinking and trouble shooting capabilities! You would be working without ready made kits, thereby working only with a thorough understanding! All this resulting in better employ-ability!



T.Y.B.Sc. students of Biology disciplines (Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioanalytical Sciences, Biochemistry)

Duration: 3 Days (7-8 hrs/day).

Venue: Ramnarain Ruia College

Fees: 5000 Rs /participant

Salient features of the module:

– Each experiment would precede with lecture focusing on understanding of the principles, importance of individual reagent and trouble shooting at various steps of that experiment/technique.

-The experiments would be conducted either individually or in a pair as the main objective is to give everyone an opportunity to work independently, this will help in building confidence.
–  The protocols for each technique will be provided to every participant.

– A certificate of completion would be awarded to all the participants.


Workshop will include following practical sessions-

 ~Recombinant Plasmid vector extraction from bacterial host
~Transformation of recombinant into a bacterial expression host
~Shake flask fermentation of the culture carrying recombinant
~Host cell induction for protein expression ~Cell harvest and lysis
~ Separation of soluble and insoluble fractions of lysed cell
~analysis of expressed proteinsby SDS PAGE and visualization by Coomasie/Silver staining


      Batch can accommodate only 40 participants

Last date of Registration: 30th April 2016


For further details contact:

Mr. Sachin Palekar
Dept of Bioanalytical Sciences

[Images are for illustrative purposes]




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