Workshop Review

As you all know, that the workshop was a huge success! There were students from other departments as well as other colleges! We approached one such student, from Kelkar Education Trust’s V. G. Vaze college, Sanika Alwa! And she gave us the following review!

We all have notions about certain things which we haven’t done before, like working in a lab. giphy
This workshop changed my notion that lab work is very difficult and it takes a lot of time to get the result. I got an actual idea of how things are in a lab and the efficiency and patience needed. The teachers made it very easy for us through their guidelines and explanation.
images We learned handling of various machines like the centrifuge, AGE and PAGE apparatus and the micro pipettes. I performed these experiments for the first time and they were very interesting. We isolated plasmid, did PCR and restriction mapping, prepared gels and casted it. We also experienced difficulties in doing so and how to tackle it. Making us realize troubleshooting is not as easy as it seems.
This hands on training workshop was a very knowledgeable experience and I would like to thank the Ruia Bioanalytical Sciences Department and the team of Central Dogma Pvt. Ltd for conducting this.

Looking forward to more such workshops.


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