A mass murderer!!!

Beware..we have a mass  murderer amongst us!! Mr. Rajas Godbole has investigated the matter and given us full details about the murderer!!

Read the details :

Anatomy of a Mass-Murderer

This Murderer is responsible for killing about 1 million people per year. This murderer is airborne and is probably lurking around in your house! Hold on before you dial 100 and call police this is none other than the pesky insect which disturbs your sound night sleep the MOSQUITO!

  • So how does thin mere 5 mm long and having a weight of 2-3 grams, achieve this feat? Well all secrets are linked to its anatomy!

Disclaimer: – No Mosquito’s were harmed during making of this..ha-ha.!!d

 A mosquito can be divided into 3 body parts- head, thorax, and abdomen. Head houses the compound eyes, a proboscis and a sensory whisker which has a lot of sensitive hair like projections called the maxillary palps. The proboscis is a hollow tube which has a hard ending at it’s distil end and looks like a pyramid under a microscope. The proboscis pierces through the skin and into the capillaries of the skin to achieve its blood meal. Compound eyes looks like multiple beaded balls and helps the mosquito achieve virtually 360 degree vision

The thorax houses its apparatus for locomotion a pair of wings and 3 pairs of legs the last pair is elevated and has a characteristic spring action for the mosquito to spring back and zoom off to fly. The wing has a hard backbone attached to the thorax and thin webbing sprouting from it and spikes acting as counter-weight.

c                                  dc

The legs have 3 joints similar to our leg joints a thigh, a knee & an ankle filled with multiple hairs to aid in sticking to any surface.

Ability of flight, incredible stealth, 360 degree vision an incredible ability to stick to anything and fly in a jiffy. Makes this insect an incredible vector for human parasites e.g. Malaria, Dengue, Zika Virus.

dcc                          dccc

Thus this insect shows an incredible potential for natural selection and a form of “Guided Evolution” meaning this parasite adapts to its host !

So guys , BEWARE..This little murderer is always hovering in the air!!!


Reference and draft : Rajas Godbole

This week was was informative with information of Zika virus and one of it’s potential host!! Keep reading for such informative, fun articles!!!


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