Is cricket overtaking other sports?

The other day, I was watching Ind Vs Aus match and it got me thinking that, there is always an increasing interest among media to keep cricket news as the center of attraction. Be the legendary comeback of Virat Kohli or the finishers by MS Dhoni they easily become the headline every now and then!
Cricket is a crazy sport in many Asian countries, when compared to other nations. Lots of people irrespective of age are crazy about cricket. School going kids, college students and even employees also play cricket. Gully cricket is also common thing which we find in almost every place in India. The passion for cricket comes naturally since the streets are ideally suited to play Cricket rather than a Hockey match. Until the man from Chandigarh lifted the world cup in 1983, Cricket was just like another game in India. Even a below par then!
Coming to other sports, people who are really interested are really less. This indicating that Cricket has already over taken rest of the sports. Might not be the case in other parts of the world but for sure, Cricket is leading in many Asian countries, and mainly in India. When it comes to world cups, people stick to the channels telecasting the cricket match. Betting is also common on teams playing this sport.
Sports like football, hockey or tennis are known in all the countries. But people are not that interested and crazy about them. There are countries where cricket is not much famous but other sports like squash, tennis, swimming and hockey are famous. In American countries swimming and tennis are really famous, but cricket is not that crazy sport for them. But there are also people who would love to watch cricket.

Cricket is sport which is easy and any one can play it without much training. But other sports need minimum training for anyone to play. May be this is also a reason many people play cricket and are interested in it. The main thing that attracts people in cricket is team work and the match changes at any point. Till the last ball of the match no one can guess who will win the match. While in other sports the winning can be predicted. In a nut shell cricket attracts more people irrespective of age group than other sports.  So, somewhere i feel, cricket is overtaking other sports in its own way. These are my thoughts, think about it and leave us your comments 🙂

Reference and Draft: Swathi Karamchedu




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