Montage Monday!!!

Montage Monday is back!! Today we have a beautiful poem!


A silent gaze through the eyes of the mist,
I see the sky white as snow;
A canvas peaceful as a silent tryst,
A world where life runs slow;

I look upon the winding roads;
A blinding mist at the fore,
A memory runs deep in my mind;
A tryst with eyes sore.

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Deep in the mist I see a light,
A light I last saw in the dark,
A light that gave me my only hope ,
Like a winter song of a lark.

I see the trees ahead disappear,
Like an agony from my past,
A wound healed by the light in your eyes,
A light that healed my scars.


Like a road untraveled and a sight unseen,
I embark on this journey untold,
With the might of a river and the stance of a shore,
I let our story unfold.

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-Siddharth Gupta


One Comment Add yours

  1. Priyadarshi says:

    Wow. This is truly artistic work.
    Nice effort to put the pictures in there, but the words are really good enough by themselves.
    Keep writing Siddharth!


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