When was the last time you thought of sleeping during exams?

This week on Talk Back Thursday we discuss the importance of sleep during exams.. or lack thereof..


It is D-day. Tomorrow is the first paper of the semester. You are determined to make the most of the night before. You stay up till 4 am revising and panicking about the impending doom. The next day,

a. You write your paper and then your brain goes to mush.

b. You are so exhausted that by the time you start reading the question paper your brain goes to a complete blank.

c. You are one of the lucky ones and remember everything you have studied for a long time.

Barring the really lucky ones, it is actually found in a recent study that students who have a chronic lack of sleep have lower grades and find it harder to concentrate. Around a third of students do not feel well rested enough to be able to study properly.

The results come from a national survey by the Netherlands Association for Sleep Wake Research, Leiden University and the Netherlands Brain Foundation among almost 1,400 healthy students at Dutch universities. Students who suffer a chronic lack of sleep score significantly lower on their final exam in the current academic year (an average of 0.8 lower) and have a significantly lower average grade than students who have enough sleep (an average of 0.5 lower). They also find it harder to concentrate while studying.

It is a very interesting article which discusses how young adults require adequate sleep especially during exams. The lead researcher, Dr. Kristiaan van der Heijden from Leiden University, also explains the ‘types’ of sleepers. She further breaks down some common misconceptions associated with sleep patterns. I urge you all to take a look at the link that I have posted below.

So, what do you guys think? Is a good night’s sleep during exams possible? Or are late night study sessions still the way to go? Do let me know in the comments. Also leave suggestions to let us know what you would like to discuss in the next Talk Back Thursday.



Here’s an article about this paper on Science Daily:



Reference and Draft: Shruti Joshi.


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  1. Priyadarshi says:

    Nice one. Sleeping for lesser hours during exams and studying last minute has become a culture. Some do it out of the fear that if they don’t study for longer hours, they will score lesser, while some are just proud that they studied till 5am for the next day’s paper. The pride is lost when they get the scorecard in hand (This is what happened to me in FY/SY).

    I suggest you could focus the next article on how to squeeze out some time for enough nap/energy for exam, and yet study for longer hours (I’m sure that’s an easier article to sell, than convincing people to sleep more and study less during exams!)
    The link below talks about food/drinks, sunlight, and a few tips to stay energetic even after a long night’s study.

    P.S: Great to see the RuiaBioanalytical blog finally. Keep posting!


  2. suryaabhi says:

    Reblogged this on AVC Homes and commented:


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