Montage Mondays!!!

People may have Monday Blues, but we here have the right solution to drive them away!!

A small ‘at your home experiment’s ‘ explanation and demonstration.

Today we will, produce electricity from potatoes

A primary voltaic cell makes use of a dilute solution of sulphuric acid in which one plate each of copper and zinc is  dipped. The electricity in this cell is produced due to the migration of electrons from the zinc plate to copper plate in the dilute sulphuric acid solution.  In fact, dilute sulphuric acid acid provides the path for movement of electrons. In a similar way, potatoes act like the solution of dilute sulphuric acid between copper and zinc strips which are used for producing electricity from potatoes.


  • 8 medium sized potatoes
  • 8 strips of copper 5cm * 1cm
  • 8 strips of zinc 5cm *1 cm
  • Copper wire
  • One 5 volt bulb with holder or LED bulb


  1. Take 8 medium sized potatoes and insert a strip of zinc on one end of each potato. Similarly, insert one copper strip on another end of each potato.




  1. Arrange these potatoes on a table in two rows, each containing four potatoes.  Connect the zinc strip of one potato to the copper strip of the other with the copper wire.  Connect all zinc and copper strips with the help of the copper wire.


  1. Now, take one wire connected to the zinc strip and one wire from the copper strip and connect these two with the 4.5 volt bulb or LED bulb. You will see that the bulb will immediately glow because the whole assembly acts as a battery. The bulb will glow only for a limited time.




You can make similar batteries by using lemons instead of potatoes.  The entire method will remain the same.

You can make batteries by taking the juices of orange, lemon and other citrus fruits in

Beakers and dipping in them the zinc and copper strips.

Here is a link of the video of  the whole process!

Concept & Draft : Tanvi Kalgutkar



























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  1. Priti says:

    Awesome Tanvi! We’ll surely try it at our home 🙂


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